Preach the Word – Volume 24

Dr. Mark Paustian addresses the basics of preaching.

Worship the Lord – Hymnal Introduction Series

This series shares information regarding Christian Worship: Hymnal (CW21)

Notes regarding Vol. 102:

Worship the Lord – Audio, Acoustics, and Video in the Worship Setting

This series explores room acoustics along with sound systems and hearing assistance. It covers common deficiencies or mistakes along with solutions.

Worship the Lord – Wisdom from Wittenberg

This series of articles is based on the presentation by Rev. Mark Tiefel at the 2017 National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts.

Worship the Lord – Children in Worship

This series explores how the pastor and congregation can partner with the parents to assist parents in engaging their children in worship. It reviews the pros and cons of various strategies and concludes with suggested “best practice” ideas.

Worship the Lord – Worship Coordinators

This issue reminds us of the value of well planned worship, carried out in teamwork by the pastor and worship coordinator.

Preach the Word – Volume 23

Rev. Nathan Nass encourages pastors to preach simply and clearly for the benefit of all hearers.

Preach the Word – Volume 22

Dr. Michael Berg writes a series about apologetics in preaching.

Worship the Lord – Technology in Worship

This article discusses the use of screens and technology in worship.

Preach the Word – Volume 21

Pastor Joel Gawrisch writes a series titled “Treasures Old and New.”

Preach the Word – Volume 20

Pastor Jonathan Scharf writes a series titled “To Correctly Handle the Word of Truth.”

Worship the Lord – Renovation Projects

This issue launches a new series on renovation projects. It will feature projects from churches small and large. Often the concepts, goals, and process behind a renovation are most important, not the particulars of design or size. These are transferable and helpful for churches of any size.

WTL Vol. 80 – Hartford WI Renovation

View the supplemental documents for the Hartford, Wisconsin sanctuary renovation article in the July 2016 edition of Worship the Lord, Vol. 80.

Preach the Word – Volume 19

This issue of Preach the Word begins a new series: preaching to Millennials while maintaining connection with other generations.
This series, planned in cooperation with the Commission on Evangelism, departs from previous custom with a different writer for each issue.

Preach the Word – Volume 18

Preach the Word – Volume 17

Preach the Word – Volume 16

Preach the Word – Volume 15

Preach the Word – Volume 14

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