Preach the Word – Volume 28

This series looks at themes in current homiletical theory.

Worship the Lord – More Worship Words to Wrestle With

A series of articles on timeless topics of worship.

Preach the Word – Volume 27

Free Text or Lectionary Preaching?

This three-part series analyzes three subtle but significant criticisms of lectionary preaching. It offers meaningful resistance to what might be a largely unexamined assumption: that series preaching is the way of the future because it somehow offers unique advantages for ministering to the kind of people shaped by contemporary American culture. It makes the case that lectionary preaching remains the best preaching paradigm for Lutherans in our time and place.

Preach the Word – Volume 26

Preaching with Outsiders in Mind

This series of Preach the Word articles will wrestle with preaching with those outside of our church membership in mind. Through interviews, sermon excerpts, and timeless reminders, we will aim to grow in being wise toward outsiders and seek to make the most of every preaching opportunity to them.

Worship the Lord – Worship and Outreach

This series on worship and outreach has a simple goal: to encourage all congregations to do their very best in both realms. But isn’t it fair to assume that they already are? Doing their best? By some measurements, yes. But it’s also clear that our churches face various challenges. If improvements can be realized, we are likely under God to see greater blessings in both worship and outreach.

So, this series will share perspectives and ideas from a variety of congregations, hoping to inspire ongoing attention to these twin priorities.