Taking Worship to the Next Level

Inspiration and ideas from a worship conference do not always and easily translate into action, change, or progress when back home. “Taking Worship to the Next Level” is designed to help teams from selected parishes to set and achieve goals that bring significant improvement in some aspect of worship.

Possible areas of improvement include: building consensus, setting priorities, achieving higher quality or variety, worship planning, architecture (new or remodel), and staffing.

To increase their ability to make improvements, eligible congregations will send a team including lay leaders, not merely a pastor and musician(s). Participating congregations will make specific short- and long-range plans for worship improvement. Worship consultants will offer assistance with planning and implementation for up to a year after the conference.

A limited number of grants are available to congregations that meet criteria outlined in the application process. Priority is given: 1) to congregations at a greater distance that have not sent people to a previous conference, and 2) to congregations attending the Irvine site, especially with singers for the high school or children’s choirs.

If approved, a grant will subsidize the registration fees for a congregation sending at least four attendees. Further subsidy may be available for those who must travel by air to the conference.

Applications that are received by April 7 will be acted upon by April 11. Applications received after April 7 will receive a response later in April. The online application is now available.