Musicians – Organ and Piano

Articles and resources for church organists and pianists.

Downloadable resources

Organist 101 - L KozlowskiDownload 
Hymn Playing - M PrangeDownload 
Organ Registration Basics - WagnerDownload 
Practice Makes Perfect - EggertDownload 
Quick Quiz for Church Organists - EggertDownload 
Core Organ MusicDownload 
Easier Organ MusicDownload 
Organ Repertoire EssentialsDownload 
Weekly WorksheetDownload 
Organ Committees and Consultants - RiedelDownload 
Economics of a pipe organ with graphDownload 
The Organ - Proclamation and Praise - B GerlachDownload 
Small Pipe Organ for a Small ChurchDownload 
Rediscovery of the Small American Organ - CaseDownload 
Organ Music Database - ZabellDownload 
Organ Music Database - BitterDownload 
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