Worship and Outreach

The following articles may be helpful as you look at outreach in your congregation. For further resources and articles by WELS pastors, visit The Institute for Worship and Outreach.

Downloadable resources

Plenary - Rite Worship for Outreach - SchroederDownload 
Plenary - Changing Music of Liturgy - RydeckiDownload 
But Isn't That Catholic? - TiefelDownload 
Worship Ettiquette - PrangeDownload 
Worship the Christ, the Truth - P PrangeDownload 
Worship as Evangelism - Morgenthaler RethinksDownload 
Worship and Mission - V PrangeDownload 
Welcoming Guests at Worship - HuebnerDownload 
The Liturgy - TiefelDownload 
Strive for a Warm and Caring Atmosphere - TiefelDownload 
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