Valuable Worship Reading

The following articles give valuable insight on various worship aspects.

Downloadable resources

ABCs of Worship Discussion QuestionsDownload
Being Faithful with Law and Gospel in Contemporarly Worship - ZabellDownload
Book Review - Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns - BrugDownload
Christ Centered, Yet Fresh - ClarkDownload
Christian Worship Manual IndexDownload
Comfortable or Compelling - GerlachDownload
The Common Service - TiefelDownload
Excellence in Worship - HuebnerDownload
Flags in Church - GerlachDownload
Informal FormalityDownload
Insights from Early Lutheran Worship (essay) - HerlDownload
Instrument for Evaluating Service Material - BrondosDownload
Insights from Early Lutheran Worship (handout) - HerlDownload
Involving Teens in WorshipDownload
Key Words in Lutheran Worship - CortrightDownload
Luther Reforms the Mass - KoelpinDownload
Luther's Tavern Tunes - TiefelDownload
Musical Colors for Worship - GerlachDownload
Primary Doctrine in its Primary Setting - BivensDownload
Right Message, Right Way - Public Worship - BivensDownload
Seminary Organ Dedication Sermon - TiefelDownload
The Struggle with Worship - VajdaDownload
Symbolic Communication in WorshipDownload
Synodical Game Plan for Tomorrow's Musicians - TiefelDownload
Teenagers and Church Music - ReschDownload
Teenager's Perspectives of Church Music - GerlachDownload
Theology of the Ordinary - ValleskeyDownload
Theology of the Ordinary Powerpoint - ValleskeyDownload
These Gray and Latter Days - BackerDownload
Things Are Not Always What They Seem - PrangeDownload
Two-Dimensional - J GerlachDownload
Variety for Worship - J SchulzDownload
What Does it Mean to be Evangelical Lutheran in Music? - ValleskeyDownload
Worship and Ministry - What of Men - PrangeDownload
Worship Attitudes in WELS - Tiefel (Logia)Download
Worship Education Notes - Sharpsburg 2014Download
Worship Leaders are Educators - HeinitzDownload
Worship for the Visitor - DobbersteinDownload
Worship in the Confessions - ChristieDownload
Worship Renewal - B GerlachDownload
Worship that Treasures Every Soul - SchroederDownload
Worship Variety and Vitality - B GerlachDownload
Worship When Lutheranism Was Young - BuelowDownload
Zing in Your Singing - OttoDownload
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