Formulary Psalms

This collection features resources for celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and beyond. The composer, Steven J. Rhode, states: “The Wittenberg Psalter is a collection of unison psalm settings for congregation, choir, and/or soloist.” He recognizes that—due to perceived difficulty—they “may not be appropriate for every congregation” and provides various options for usage. Be sure to read “About the Wittenberg Psalter,” provided by the composer. (See below.)




Reformation Psalter

The Reformation Psalter is a series of four-part choral arrangements of the psalms in Christian Worship. These arrangements were created by Steven J. Rhode, formerly of Reformation Lutheran Church in San Diego, California.


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Reformation Psalter – CW Psalm 100-150

Reformation Psalter – CW Psalms 1-98

CW: Supplement Psalter

Musicians – The Choir

Information and articles for choir directors.

Worship the Lord – Challenges for the Lutheran Church Choir


A new series begins with this issue. It will explore various challenges affecting Lutheran choirs. Some articles will be written with the pastor’s role as worship planner in mind, others for sharing with a choir director, worship committee, or lay leaders for encouragement or training or solving challenges.