Worship Conference 2011 – Presentations

View the presentation handouts and repertoire lists from the 2011 National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts.

Downloadable resources

Repertoire ListsDownload
Christie - Musical Variety for the Congregation with linksDownload
Scharf - Worship and Outreach - Midwestern (PDF)Download
Pedde - Beautiful Sound from Average ChildrenDownload
Nolte - Service Folder outlineDownload
Nolte - HymnSoft outlineDownload
Moldstad - Lutheran ArtDownload
Kriewall - Praetorius Mass for ChristmasDownload
Kohrs - Contemporary Liturgical MusicDownload
Johnson - Marking the SurfaceDownload
Gurgel - Freshness and VarietyDownload
Christie - KeynoteDownload
Casmer - Music Minister - PresNoteDownload
Caauwe - Hymns in the life of Church, School, and HomeDownload
Bode - 21st Century HymnologyDownload
Bassett - Opus 54Download
Averbeck - Worship ArtDownload
Zabell - Sacramental Life EssayDownload
Wagner - Chapel Organ Lecture/RecitalDownload
Tiefel - Recruiting Choir MembersDownload
Tiefel - Great Choir RehearsalsDownload
Strey - Enhancing the Liturgical YearDownload
Schultz - Service Setting for Guitar and PianoDownload
Schultz - CW/CWS Digital Worship MusicDownload
Schroeder - Teaching Worship handoutDownload
Schroeder Teaching Worship slidesDownload
Scharf - Worship and Outreach - Midwestern (PPT)Download
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