Sample Worship Plans

The sample worship plans below can be a starting point for creating a customized plan for any church not currently doing long range worship planning.


Links to sample plans:

  • Moldenhauer, Madison – Year B/C
  • Moldenhauer, Madison – Historic series (the sheet is dynamic and will show new entries)

More planning resources:

  • Under 2017 Worship Conference Presentations
    • Serving in Song – K Tiefel
    • Serving in Song: Calendar – K Tiefel
    • Serving in Song: Repertoire – K Tiefel
    • Serving in Song: Bibliography – K Tiefel
    • Strategic Planning for Worship – J Gawrisch
    • Strategic Planning for Worship: Work Booklet – J Gawrisch
  • Under 2014 Worship Conference Handouts
    • Working Smarter at Worship – C Basset and J Bauer
    • Enhancing the Liturgical Year 2014 – J Strey
    • Repertoire for the Lectionary – Year B
    • Repertoire for the Lectionary – Year C
  • Under 2011 Worship Conference Presentations
    • Musical Variety for the Congregation – A Christie
    • Contemporary Liturgical Music – J Kohrs
  • Under Worship the Lord series – Practical Ideas for Lutheran Worship
    • Worship the Lord – 71. Working Smarter at Worship
    • Worship the Lord – 75. Voices Raised with Strings and Keys
  • Worship the Lord Series – Worship Planning

Service Folders – Epiphany

Service folder samples for Epiphany.

Christian Worship Supplement Resources

Resources for use with Christian Worship: Supplement.

Service Folders – Seasonal Variations

Service Folders – Other Occasions

Service folder samples for Mission Convention, Christian Education, and Augsburg Confession.