Worship the Lord – Hymnal Introduction Series

This series shares information regarding Christian Worship: Hymnal (CW21)

Notes regarding Vol. 102:

Downloadable resources

102. Crises, Hymns, and Faith - May 2020Download
102a. All Is Well - Organ in CDownload
102b. All Is WellDownload
102c. All Men Living Are But MortalDownload
102d. -Do Not Let Your Hearts - organDownload
102e. Entrust Your Fear and DoubtingDownload
102f - Now Calm Your HeartDownload
Now Calm Your Heart - piano (mp3)Download
Now Calm Your Heart - organ (mp3)Download
Entrust Your Fear and Doubting - Piano (mp3)Download
Entrust Your Fear and Doubting - organ (mp3)Download
103. NPH is Your Partner - July 2020Download
103b. Pilgrim Choir Sample Order FormDownload
104. Anticipating a New Hymnal - September 2020Download
104a. The Service (Christian Worship 2021)Download
105. There is Room in the Choir - November 2020Download
106. Worship and Outreach - January 2021Download
107. A Wealth of Accompaniment Options - March 2021Download
108. Earliest New Hymnal Adopters - May 2021Download
109. Christian Worship Lectionary - July 2021Download
109b. - Year C Planning CommentsDownload
109c. - Year C Worship Plan (PDF)Download
109d. - Year C Worship Plan (Excel)Download
110. Humane Technology for Lutheran Worship -September 2021Download
111. The Foundation: for everyone - November 2021Download
112. Getting to Know the Hymnal Really Well - January 2022Download
113. Sunday of the Passion - March 2022Download
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