Worship the Lord – Contemplative Worship


Much recent attention given to worship, at least in some circles, is about making worship upbeat, energetic, and exciting. This trend has contributed to the much-discussed worship wars; a recent Google.com search showed almost half a million worship war links! This trend has led to arguing and division about an event that should display a parish’s love and unity: public worship.

Receiving far less attention, but significant and even newsworthy, is a growing interest in contemplative worship—worship that is quieter, calmer, and slower-paced. This worship allows time to pause and reflect, time for wonder and awe. This worship doesn’t depend on an energetic leader or music for its appeal. Its power lies in a simple dialogue between God and his people with ample time for meditation.

The next few issues of Worship the Lord will bring descriptions of contemplative worship from parishes in WELS that have been exploring such worship.

Downloadable resources

6. Contemplative Worship, Touching Deep Needs - March 2004Download
7. Slow Down and Savor the Goodness of our God - May 2004Download
8. Be Still and Know - July 2004Download
9. All Saints Day in the Style of Taize' - September 2004Download
9. An Evening Service in Taize' Style - November 2004Download
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