2017 National Worship Conference – Service Folders

These services are posted for reference purposes, to provide ideas for adaptation in parishes. Note that some elements are copyrighted. Those desiring to use these elements must seek permission from the acknowledged copyright holders.

Choral settings that are published are noted in each service. Those without an indication of publisher and stock number are possibly available from the composer or poet.

Service Folders – Epiphany

Service folder samples for Epiphany.

2014 National Worship Conference – Service Folders

“If we work with the assumption that what we use in worship should support and enhance the divine service through both its utility and beauty, then printed worship aids, including worship folders, deserve our attention. That was the philosophy behind the worship folder project for the 2014 WELS National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts.” – Read more from Rev. Caleb Basset regarding the Worship Folder Project.


Due to the large size of graphics in the files, it may be necessary to download them individually.

Service Folders – Seasonal Variations

Service Folders – Other Occasions

Service folder samples for Mission Convention, Christian Education, and Augsburg Confession.

Service Folders – Minor Festivals

Service folder samples for Minor Festivals, such as St. Michael and All Angels.

Service Folders – End Times

Service folder samples for Sundays in End Time, such as Reformation and Saints Triumphant.

Service Folders – Trinity

Sample folders for Trinity Sunday.

Service Folders – Pentecost

Sample folders for Pentecost Sunday.

Service Folders – Ascension

Sample folders for Ascension.

Service Folders – Easter

Sample folders for the Easter Season, including Sunrise service, Easter Festival, and Good Shepherd Sunday.

Service Folders – Good Friday

Sample service folders for Good Friday services.

Service Folders – Maundy Thursday

Sample service folders for Maundy Thursday.

Service Folders – Triduum

Service folder samples for The Triduum. The Triduum refers to the three days of Holy Week – Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

Service Folders – Palm Sunday

Service folder samples for Palm Sunday, along with a Palm Sunday Gathering Rite.

Service Folders – Lent

Service folder samples and ideas for Lent, particularly Ash Wednesday.

Service Folders – Christmas

Service folder samples and ideas for the Christmas season.

Service Folders – Advent

Find samples of Advent Gathering Rites and an example of a Festival of Lessons and Carols.