2014 National Worship Conference – Service Folders

"If we work with the assumption that what we use in worship should support and enhance the divine service through both its utility and beauty, then printed worship aids, including worship folders, deserve our attention. That was the philosophy behind the worship folder project for the 2014 WELS National Conference on Worship, Music, and the Arts." - Read more from Rev. Caleb Basset regarding the Worship Folder Project.


Due to the large size of graphics in the files, it may be necessary to download them individually.

Downloadable resources

2014 NWC - Worship Folder ProjectDownload 
2014 NWC - EpiphanyDownload 
2014 NWC - Many Voices, One LordDownload 
2014 NWC - Baptism of Our LordDownload 
2014 NWC - Choral VespersDownload 
2014 NWC - TransfigurationDownload 
2014 NWC - Closing ServiceDownload 
2014 NWC - Chamber Music and Canticum Novum RecitalDownload 
2014 NWC - Brass and Organ RecitalDownload 
2014 NWC - Festival ConcertDownload 
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